Only a highly specialized solution leads to a reliable and efficient process

Autotransfusion - Blood Management Systems – oxygenators and extracorporeal blood circulation systems used in cardiac surgery to keep patients alive during open heart surgery by taking over cardiac and pulmonary functions. KAY-LIQUID special Needle-felts are successfully used for such critical applications. Frequently, only a highly specialized solution leads to a reliable and efficient process. Optimized yield and the availability of the filter elements are always essential. Kayser Filtertech offers filter media that meet the high demands of very individual filtration processes for Bio Technology & food contact.

Process reliability - sterile packaged

Sterile packaged filter elements made by Kayser Filtertech are used where highest demands are placed on process reliability.
All sterilization procedures employed are based on proven methods, which e.g. are used to sterilize surgical instruments.

Compliance provides security

The amount of extractables is
very low. Pharmaceutical compliance is based on EU and FDA regulations and directives.
Beyond that, the concentration of the following substances is below the lower detection limit:
• Bisphenol A
• Melamine
• Heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb)
• Chlorinated hydrocarbons
• Benzene

Durability and high efficiency

Depending on the individual design, Kayser Filtertech sterile packaged filter elements are temperature resistant up to 250 °C and chemically resistant in a pH range from 1 - 14. Materials available are PP, PET, PPS and PTFE. A high-performance inert PTFE membrane is used for the removal of submicron particles.

Audited processes, traceable products

Kayser Filtertech production processes have been repeatedly audited by pharmaceutical companies. Including large multinational groups. Optionally, every individual filter element can be provided with an inkless label to ensure 100 % traceability.

Migration target values

KAY-LIQUID filter elements are inert – confirmed by a total migration well below the threshold limit value. The data was generated by an independent test institute. The diagram shows that the measured values can be as low as 1/30 of the threshold limit

Production processes

KAY-LIQUID filter elements are produced according to GMP and HACCP codes. They can be reliably integrated into a process requiring food contact compliance – no matter whether during conveying, grinding, drying etc.


Unmatched filtration efficiency. This filter has the ability to filter microaggregates within the intra/extracavitary blood, that means, it has the function of retaining everything bigger than 40µ that is aspirated from the operating field such as clots, fragments of tissue and/or bones and then release the "clean" blood to be collected in reserve and managed for perfusion.


We provide complete solutions
We supplies and supports filter systems with filter hoses, filter elements, support cages, accessories, measurement and control systems, and comprehensive service.
ISO 9001/14001 Certificate
We manufacture our products according to international standards. We hold quality certification (ISO9001) and environmental certification (ISO14001).
1,100,000 filter bags and 250,000 filter cages per year
We custom manufacture more than 1,100,000 filter bags and 250,000 filter cages of various diameters, lengths, and materials each year.

Do you have a specific project?

Kayser® Filtertech Group, a world leader in the production of filtering systems, is able to provide you with custom solutions that are based on your design specifications. You can also count on our experienced technical assistance and supervision services, both during installation and subsequent maintenance.