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Experience and tradition – Connecting both leads to continuous innovation. Reliable and sustainable solutions are our top priority. It’s what drives us.







Tradition in Einbeck since 1709

What started in 1709 as the woolen goods factory Gebr. Borcholt, then developed to a regional manu­facturer for cloth and clothing fabrics has now become a global partner in industrial filtration and the automotive supplier market.

Still a family-owned business, Kayser adheres to family values. We strive for long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers, employees and the region.

Backed by centuries of experience and an extensive network of various research partners, we offer innovative and sustainable solutions for textile filtration applications.

With a total of 6 locations and over 20 partners worldwide, we are your partner when and where you need us.


As a traditional family business we are a globally active and innovative supplier of complete solutions in industrial filtration. Customer satisfaction, quality and growth are the focus of our daily activities.


With our innovative products and services we make an active contribution to environmental protection.
Responsible use of resources and reduction of emissions preserve the environment for future generations.


  • customer-oriented & successful
  • passionate & innovative
  • quality-conscious & sustainable
  • reliable


Innovative and sustainable products, we act responsibly

Acting responsibly and lawfully is one of the basic requirements for our entrepreneurial success. We recognize our social and societal responsibility and aim to be a social employer all over the world. We ensure compliance with the various legal standards within the KAYSER Group and create a working environment that is characterized by integrity, respect and fair and responsible action. We adhere to high ethical standards. Our employees are regularly trained on the topics of compliance and the Code of Conduct.

Occupational safety and environmental protection is an integral part of our philosophy. A high level of environmental awareness, resource conservation and energy efficiency are particularly important to us.
We always strive to have a positive impact on our environment and minimize negative impacts so that future generations can also benefit from our sustainability efforts.

The implementation of and compliance with our management systems is reflected in our certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 und DIN EN ISO 14001. We attach great importance to sustainability and careful use of resources. We also demand this form our suppliers, which we ensure through our sustainability guidelines. The aim of the directive is to meet the constantly increasing market demands in terms of sustainability and reliability.

In combination with our highly competent team and constant dialogue with customers, we offer results characterized by experience , innovation, service and customer orientation. 

The appropriateness, effectiveness and efficient implementation of the site-related management systems are regularly evaluated by the top management and then continuous  mprovement is striven for by setting targets. In this context, compliance with applicable legal requirements is also checked and the awareness of employees with regard to the environment, sustainability,  occupational safety and quality is continuously increased.

We are worldwide

Kayser Filtertech supplies and supports filter systems with filter hoses, filter elements, support cages, accessories, measurement and control systems, and comprehensive service. As a systems supplier, we are here to answer any questions that you may have about your individual filtration task, at any time, day or night.

Selective and efficient

Kayser Filtertech solves highly complex solid-liquid separation tasks. From sewage sludge drying to active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) filtration.


Comprehensive Support

Delivery, assembly, inspection, maintenance, accessories:

Kayser Filtertech offers complete support of your dedusting systems and ensures a healthy environment.



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An Gut Nazareth 73
D-52353 Düren
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Be Part of the KAYSER Filtertech Group

Today, the KAYSER Filtertech Group is a global partner for its customers in the business segments of filter tech. With a total of 6 locations plus additional international sales offices, we are always nearby. Our wealth of experience is the solid foundation on which we build our services.

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