How to minimize costs and risks

Decades of experience and extensive technical knowledge help our TASK employees to handle hazardous materials, giving you the assurance of smooth commissioning of your filter system. Overview of our services:

Removal and re-installation of filter elements

Our goal is to reduce downtime of the filter system to a minimum. Of course, safety is the highest priority when handling hazardous materials. All TASK employees are SCC certified (safety certificate contractors) and are trained continuously.

Why removal and re-installation by TASK?

Many things appear simple at first glance: changing a tire, buckling up a child, regular inspections. Often, however, even the simple things cannot just be done “somehow.” When it matters, it needs to be right.

Nothing can replace experience. TASK has been doing removal and re-installation of dedusting systems for 40 years. This means that every step is done right. Experienced teams work on a single or multiple shift basis to quickly and cleanly make your system ready to run again. This lets you focus on your regular job.

TASK removal and re-installation run according to a rigorous schedule, which we coordinate with you. Example: Four thousand filter hoses, six meters long, need to be replaced within XX days. Handover to the customer took place one shift prior to the agreed deadline.

Kayser Filtertech is certified to ISO 9001, 14001, and SCC++. All employees undergo regular safety training. For the last 20 years, Heimbach TASK has been accident-free.

More certificates to download here

TASK packages

Basic package
Removal and re-installation + leak testing and installation report

Service package
Basic package + semiannual condition inspection of filter hoses in the TASK lab

Complete package
Service package + test installation with vacuum process + inspection + industrial cleaning

NEW: HACCP package
Test installation with overpressure process + filter hoses individually packaged at the factory + PPE per DIN 51993 hygiene provision

Mobile air permeability measurement

For process-critical applications, analysis of air permeability of the filter elements is indispensable. The mobile tester enables performance testing of installed filter hoses under real working conditions.

HEC cleaning

Using the patented HEC process (High Efficiency Cleaning), the installed filter hoses are cleaned individually using the HEC system. The special device sends strong compressed air blasts into the filter hose in order to efficient clean off encrusted materials. It is fast, protects the product, and saves costs.

Comparison of photos before and after HEC


Kayser filter media can achieve their maximum benefit only in a filter system that is trouble-free. The TASK specialist inspect the current condition of your system once, or on a regular basis, and document all results and optimization potential in a detailed report.

Leak tests

Fluorescent leak powder is introduced on the raw gas side of the dust removal system. After a brief assimilation time, damaged filter elements can be reliably located on the clean gas side using UV light.