Sale of leakage detection powder

Sale of leakage detection powder

Leakage detection powder allows a quick pinpointing of leaks in exhaust air cleaning equipment. Here, fluorescentcoloured powder is introduced into the gas flow during ventilator operation. After a short time to allow the powder to take effect, the ventilator is put out of operation.  Then the respective fabric filter elements on the clean gas side of the filter plant can be inspected visually with the aid of a suitable ultarviolet lamp and the precise locations of the leakages can be found ( fluorescence test procedure).  We offer coloured powder in two different colours so that consecutive intervals are possible.

As standard in stock:

  • Colours: yellow + red
  • Other colours on request

Packing units:

  • Box with 4 x 2 kg plastic buckets
  • 25 kg sack

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