KAYSER® Roll Goods

KAYSER® Roll Goods


Outstanding features:

  • Fibre titre of 0,7 to 17 dtex
  • State of the art needle technology
  • Individual type designs
  • Application consulting

KAYSER offers needlefelts in roll goods form. Roll lengths and widths are suited to our customers requirements and are available up to a width of 275 cm. This allows the optimum supply of all different cut widths.

Only finest brand fibres are used at KAYSER. This ensures an extremely high filtering surface within the needlefelt which reflects in an outstanding efficiency. KAYSER processes approx. 4,000 km of fibres for one square meter of needlefelt.

In complex processes KAYSER felts are needle-punched, typically with 1,200 needle penetrations per square centimetre. The needle-punching is done in a manner that results in a high compression of the needlefelt, combined with a strong fibre lock and a smooth surface. In conjunction with further surface treatments such as heat setting, singe and chemical finishes, we can suit the individual needlefelt structures to the various types of dust and operating parameters.

In this way we produce filter media with a high mechanical strength and excellent filtration performance.

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