Fibre Glass (GL)

Fibre Glass (GL)

Due to its mechanical properties fibreglass gets only used in form of a woven fabric, additionally laminated with an ePTFE membrane.

Converting of fibreglass filter bags requires strict tolerances to ensure a sufficient performance. In addition the support cages need to follow a special “fibreglass-cage-specification”.

To meet low emissions and a constant low pressure drop, woven fibreglass mostly is laminated with an ePTFE membrane. 

Typical fields of application:

Specific properties
Temperature resistanceContinuous: 250 °C/Peak: 300 °C
Melting point900–1.300 °C (depending on type of glass)
LOI-Value98 %
Moisture pick-up1 % at 65 % relative RH humidity and 20 °C
Resistance to hydrolysisGood
Acid resistanceLimited
Alkali resistanceLimited
Resistance to oxidationGood
Resistance to solventsVery Good