Filter Media

Dust cake on the filter surface
Dust cake on the filter surface

We have almost 80 years of experience in the field of filtration and are recognized globally as one of the leading suppliers of filter media for dedusting systems.  We provide the entire range of filter media to achieve the highest requirements for our customers.

We have the possibility  to optimise our needlefelts with different treatments, to meet the technical requirements of any specific applications (see treatments).

On the basis of our experience and knowledge, we advise you competently and comprehensively by selecting the right filter media.

KAYSER®-Needlefelts and woven fabrics made of:

  • polypropylene PP
  • polyacrylonitrile, homopolymer PAN (DOLANIT®, RICEM®)
  • polyester PES
  • polyphenylene sulphide PPS (PROCON®,TORCON®)
  • meta-aramide m-AR (NOMEX®, etc.)
  • fibreglass fabric (GL), also with ePTFE membrane from GE
  • polyimide PI (P84®)
  • polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE (PROFILEN®, RASTEX®,TEFLON® )
  • fibre blends (Multitex) such as e.g. PES+PAN, PES+PI, NX+PI, PPS+PI, PI+PTFE