Chipboard and fibreboard production

Chipboard and fibreboard production

Defined problems in 2001

  • large quantity of dust with a low bulk density
  • sticky properties
  • blockage of the filter bags by complete dust accumulations
  • increased bridge formation between the filter bags
  • decreased capacity
  • increased differential pressure
  • maximum service life reached: 6 months
  • frequent sleeve changing
  • high costs

Solution to the problems

  • Installation of a cyclone for preliminary separation
  • Development of a special PES type for this specific application with the following properties:
  • higher air permeability
  • asymmetric structure of the needlefelt
  • special thermal surface treatment 

Operating experience

  • More than double the service life
  • Much lower differential pressure
  • lower operating expenses, lower maintenance costs
Technical Information
A/C> 2.0 m³/m² min
Filter systemPulsjet
Operating modecontinuous
Type of dustfir wood dust
Dust propertiesfibrous/sticky
Dust bulk weight40 - 50 kg/m³
Temperatureapprox. 30°
Filter area950 m²