Lime Industry

Lime Industry

Hardly any other process makes such different and changing demands on a filter medium as the process of lime burning. Again and again, the diverse types of kiln, fluctuating temperatures, various fuels and frequent passing through the dew point present a challenge when choosing filter media.

The burning process can be done in a:

  • fluidised-bed
  • rotary kiln
  • Maerz kiln
  • shaft kiln

The typical fibres used are high-temperature resistant fibres such as Nomex®, PI or woven glass fabric, but in some cases PAN or PES are used too.

Case history: Lime - fluidised-bed kilnCase study: Lime - shaft kiln
Filtering area300 m²1.950 m²
A/C0,85 m/min1,15 m/min
Fuelnatural gascoke
Dust load50 g/Nm³5 g/Nm³


240°, peaks up to 270°C120 - 180 °C
Filter mediaFibreglass with ePTFE membraneNX needlefelt