Kiln Dedusting

Kiln Dedusting

The essential step in cement processing, the calcination in the rotary kiln, requires, depending on the process and its parameters, a high-standard filter medium that will allow continuous operation over many years. New plants are almost exclusively equipped with fabric filters. Existing plants with electrostatic precipitators are more and more converted into fabric filters.

The increasing use of alternative fuels creates additional demands on the filter media. As a basic rule a distinction must be made between:

  • pure kiln dedusting
  • combined dedusting of kiln and raw mill
  • combined dedusting of kiln, raw mill and clinker cooler

KAYSER offers the optimal filter media for all constellations, from low to high-temperature ranges, using needlefelts made of PAN, PPS, PI as well as woven glass fabrics with PTFE membrane.

Case Hostory: Cement kilnCase Hostory: Cement kiln
Filtering area3.700 m²6.000 m²
A/C1,13 m/min0,9 m/min
Temp.150 - 220 °C130 - 180 °C, Spitzen bis 260 °C
Filter mediaPI needlefelt with protective finishFibreglass with ePTFE membrane
Service life> 4 years (still in operation)> 3 years (still in operation)
Emission< 1 mg/Nm³< 1mg/Nm³