Coal / Coke Grinding

Coal / Coke Grinding

Hard coal or coke is ground to fuel in many sectors of industry. Dust properties, product fineness, gas humidity, risk of explosion and, not least, a high degree of plant availability are the tough requirements to be satisfied by the filter media.

The changeover from high-quality hard coal to economically priced petcoke has already caused problems often in existing plants. The filter media used here are customised and made of PES or PAN or also often of PES/PAN-Multitex needlefelt.

Case history: Coal grinding plantCase history: Coal grinding/drying

hard coal + petcoke, 85% < 80µm

hard coal, 90% < 90µm

A/C1,2 m/min1,45 m/min
H2O10 %40 %
Filtering area850 m²4 x 1.100 m²
Filter mediaPES needlefelt, antistaticPAN needlefelt