A broad range of different filter media are needed for the very diverse production processes in the steel sector.
Finding a solution to the PM10/PM2.5 problem along with attaining an effective separation of dioxins and furans will form the main challenges facing steelworks and filter media manufacturers over the next few years. KAYSER has solutions already and is constantly working on technical innovations. 


A frequent problem in bag filters are sparks occurring during charging of an electric arc furnaces (EAF) and behind converting furnaces. The consequences are excessively high levels of emissions and unplanned production shutdowns.

Case history: Melting furnaces
ProcessAOD converter and flame-cutting installation
Filter areaca. 9.000 m²
Loading< 1 Am³/(m² x min)
Temperaturemax. 120 °C
Solutionuse of KYS needlefelt from the SPECIAL series (Polyester [PES] ultra-fine fibred needlefelt series with spark blocker finish)
Resultsignificant prolongation of service life and reduction in emissions