Non-ferrous (NF) light metals

Non-ferrous (NF) light metals

Traditional industries such as potash mining and rapidly growing industries such as the aluminium and titanium industry reflect the wide range in this sector.

The right choice of filter media is one of the decisive factors in production output. For decades now KAYSER has been supplying tailor made solutions in these sectors. 

Dedusting of Non-ferrous (NF) light metals

The dedusting of calcinating furnaces makes the highest demands on the filter medium because of the high operating temperature, the massive H2O content in the flue gas and the fineness and electrostatic properties of the particles being separated.

Case history: Aluminium industry
Processdedusting of three calcinating furnaces
Filter areaapprox.  8,800 m²
Loading1.1–1.3 Am³/(m² x min)
Temperature150–200 °C, peaks up to 240 °C
H2O content> 50 %
SolutionUse of KYS needlefelt from the COMPACT series (polyimide (PI) needlefelt on PTFE support scrim with Teflon® (PTFE) coating and antistatic finish)
Resultservice life is doubled and emissions are extremely low