Non-ferrous (NF) metals – heavy metals

Non-ferrous (NF) metals – heavy metals

A wide variety of high-quality filter media are needed for the very many different production processes involved in the primary and secondary production of heavy metals. On the one hand, they must be resistant to the harsh chemical and thermal conditions and on the other hand ensure a very low level of emissions.

Here too, KAYSER with its sophisticated technical developments is the right partner for you.

Dedusting of Non-ferrous (NF) metals – heavy metals

As result of the fineness of the particles, the use of fluxes and the presence of greases, the dedusting of galvanising baths often causes blinding in filter media.

Case history: Galvanising plant
Processdedusting a galvanising bath
Filter areaapprox.  1,100 m²
Loadingapprox. 1.4 Am³/(m² x min)
Temperature> 90 °C
Solutionuse of KYS needlefelt from the PROGRESS series (asymmetric polypropylene (PP) needlefelt with a high level of air permeability, jointly developed by BFI and KAYSER)
Resultthe service life is twice as long as with the filter medium originally used (round-woven polyester filter bags), the level of emissions is extremely low and the differential pressure levels are satisfactory.